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From Stockholm to East Sweden

I lived in Stockholm for many years working at different companies as a finance analyst, management consultant and project manager. Today I work at Cybercom in Linköping where I’m responsible for our Advisory offer in East Sweden. But for the time being I’m on parental leave with our second child.

“A better balance in life”

The biggest difference in East Sweden compared to my previous workplaces in Stockholm is the pace of work, the work climate and the leadership. I feel that there is a greater focus on making all parts of life work together – it’s just a better balance in life.

“A big house with a garden”

We used to live in a small three-room apartment in Vasastan in Stockholm. But when we had our first child both my husband and I felt a longing for a life closer to family, nature and running tracks. We wanted a big house with a garden and close to work, at a reasonable price.

“So many benefits besides more living space”

Today we live in a big 1920s villa outside Linköping and we couldn’t be happier. There are so many benefits connected to the accommodation other than getting more living space – we hang out with our neighbours and our son has a preschool friend on the same street. Within 10 minutes’ walk we have a shop, pharmacy, preschool, school, health center, nature and the fantastic Göta Kanal.

“Day-to-day life is now better”

A lot has changed in my life since we moved, mainly due to the fact that I am now a mother of two. And getting the pieces of the puzzle of life to fit together with work, family time, relationship time and me-time is not always a simple equation. But with proximity to work and preschool, a garden to tend to, neighbors to hang out with and running tracks around the corner, day-to-day life is now better.