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East Sweden has everything you need to make your whole life and every single part of it work together. Which means you don’t have to choose between an exciting career or a happy home life – we give you both. Come work with us!

What's in it for you?

  • When your family grows you will need more space. We’ve probably got more living space that’s cheaper and closer to where you’re going.

  • With less time commuting you have more time to spend on things that you like, or things that just need to get done.

  • We know that work is not your whole life, and we respect that raising a family takes time.

  • We’re one of Sweden’s most expansive innovation regions, with a great variety of successful companies and world-leading research. That equals a lot of opportunities for a great career.

Settling in stories

Don’t take our word for it – take theirs. Here’s a bunch of people who all took the leap and moved to East Sweden. Today they are combining dream jobs with dream living.

  • Man med skägg står vid en husvägg och kollar in i kameran

    "I like that Norrköping is a middle-sized town, close to nature, and well connected to a big city which is Stockholm."

    Yusuf Mulla

    Read his full story here

  • "Moving to East Sweden has given us much more space and a higher quality of life."

    Henrik and Hanna Senestad

    Read their full story here

  • "Since leaving the Netherlands for East Sweden, life has become much less stressful and calmer"

    Corien Leemburg

    Read her full story here

  • “We feel closer to each other as a family and a lot less stressed.”

    Bram Hendrix

    Read the full story here here

  • "We feel that pretty much everything has improved since moving here"

    Daniel Persson

    Read his full story here

Meet our innovation hotspots

Aerospace Cluster Sweden is the Gateway into the Swedish Aerospace Business. The cluster members represents the Swedish aerospace knowledge and skills gathered at one place.

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Promoting regional growth

Visual Sweden is an initiative based in Östergötland, Sweden, oriented at promoting innovation and regional growth within the visualization and image analysis fields. Visual Sweden has a wide network of contacts with industry, public actors and academia – where we are happy to help find common denominators. Sometimes it’s about meetings, matchmaking and visibility – other times about common opportunities through calls and innovation grants. We open the door for those who want to develop and innovate in the field!

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For sustainable innovation

Norrköping Science Park is an innovation environment adjacent to Campus Norrköping, Linköping University. We create opportunities for individuals and companies to start, develop and grow, which contributes to business success as well as regional attractiveness and growth. We conduct operations in several areas linked to research, start-ups and business development. Our profile areas are mainly within the knowledge-intensive industries related to visualization, printed and organic electronics and efficient logistics. We work to create sustainable and attractive jobs in Norrköping and in the future industry areas.

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Level up your game

East Sweden Game is a community, workplace and business incubator for developers of computer games and digital experiences. The region’s game developers and digital artists gather here to learn, share knowledge, organize, socialize, create games and amazing experiences. Our goal is to establish and grow the games industry in our region to create new exciting jobs and economic growth. Today we have about 50 individual members with access to our coworking space and over 20 member companies.

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Transition to a sustainable world

We are there for anyone who believes that knowledge and environmental technology are the enabler of the transition to a sustainable world. Our arena brings together municipalities, regions, government agencies with activities at local and regional level, academia, civil society and business. We have a leading role in the region in creating collaborations and meetings, based on agenda 2030 and a number of the global goals.

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An innovation environment that stimulates research, collaboration and growth in the field of advanced materials.

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Supporting brilliant minds

Mjärdevi in Linköping Science Park is a world-class innovation hotspot – with 7 000 brilliant minds and more than 400 companies inspiring Linköping – and the globe – with technology, services and an explorative mindset. It is the home of leading tech companies such as Sectra, IFS and Autoliv, as well as pioneering startups like Amra, XM Reality and Senion. It is a place where businesses grow and break frontiers in close collaboration with academia and talents.

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Vreta Kluster was founded in 2011. First as a project to accelerate the development in the green industries. In 2017, Vreta Kluster became a limited company owned by Sankt Kors Fastigheter. Vreta Kluster is an innovation and development centre for green industries. Our business areas are innovation management through events and projects, education, a business park for companies working in the green industries and a conference centre. We help companies grow or to get a business idea to grow. And we constantly make new contacts in academia, the public sector and industry.

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LEAD offers entrepreneurs who have innovative and scalable ideas with high growth potential an efficient process to safely and quickly develop the ideas in to strong growth companies.

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Region Östergötland is the county’s largest employer with responsibility for healthcare, regional development and public transport. Region Östergötland offers a highly specialized healthcare, based on advanced technology, that in many areas is among the most prominent in
the world. World-leading medical imaging science and visualization, one of the world’s first photon-counting computed tomography imaging devices, virtual autopsies and advanced catheter technology for specialist care in cardiovascular diseases are just a few examples.

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A professional business community and network, promoting sustainable growth and an attractive East Sweden region.

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Life is messy. And juggling a career with a happy home life can be tough. We know that every life is different and that every part of it deserves attention. This is why we put a lot of effort into creating flexible workplaces. Not just to be nice, but also because people who are happy tend to perform a lot better at work.

Welcome to East Sweden, a high-tech region and a breeding ground for innovation. A place where work and life work together.

Norrköping Linköping Malmö Göteborg Stockholm

A coast facing the Baltic Sea. Railways, highway and two airports with daily departures from Linköping to Amsterdam. East Sweden keeps you close to all of Sweden and the rest of the world – a perfect steppingstone for your career, as well as the rest of your life.