We know there’s a time for everything. And sometimes late nights at the office with free beer and ping pong won’t be your top priority. In East Sweden we give you the chance to shape your work according to your living situation. To make room for all parts of your life, and every little person in it.


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Life is messy. And juggling a career with a happy home life can be tough. We know that every life is different and that every part of it deserves attention. This is why we put a lot of effort into creating flexible workplaces. Not just to be nice,  but also because people who are happy tend to perform a lot better at work.


Welcome to East Sweden, a high-tech region and a breeding ground for innovation.

A place where work and life work together.

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The ideal

In East Sweden we’re looking for all talents. We want to create lasting relationships with a wide range of people from different stages of life. People that can contribute with their own perspectives and experiences – whether they travel alone or if they’re part of a package deal.

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Center of Sweden

Right in the center of the Nordic Region, you’ll find us. With one of the best logistical locations in Sweden, you can reach most of the population of Scandinavia within 24 hours. And with an airport only minutes away, you have the rest of the world on your doorstep. High-speed city life and nature’s fragile beauty combined in to one. Welcome to East Sweden, the new center of Sweden.

East Swedens område, Östergötland med omnejd, markerat på en karta över Sverige

A coast facing the Baltic Sea, one of Sweden’s busiest railways and a two-lane highway speeding through the country. Two airports with daily departures from Linköping to Amsterdam. East Sweden keeps you close to all of Sweden and the rest of the world – a perfect steppingstone for your career, as well as the rest of your life.

Länk till East Swedens hemsida

East Sweden is a trademark used to profile Östergötland and attract visitors, residents and companies to the region. Region Östergötland is responsible for the work with East Sweden in close cooperation with, among other things, the business community, municipalities, Linköping University and the East Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

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