Moms and

dads wanted

for tech jobs

This is a call to all you child-hauling, sleep deprived big-city moms and dads doing your best to juggle a career with 
parenthood. We want you to come work with us!

What's in it for us?

  • Studies shows that moms and dads are actually more likely to be dedicated to their company than their childless counterparts.

  • Parents are often more likely to be well on their way in their career and more senior in their occupation.

  • Parents are more likely to be planning a “long-term future” at their organization, a plan far fewer of their child-free colleagues share.

  • Working parents are often more efficient in terms of their productivity since they don’t have time to waste.

What's in it for you?

  • We know that work is not your whole life, and we respect that raising a family takes time.

  • When your family grows you will need more space. We’ve probably got more living space that’s cheaper and closer to where you’re going.

  • With less time commuting you have more time to spend on things that you like, or things that just need to get done.

  • We’re one of Sweden’s most expansive innovation regions, with a great variety of successful companies and world-leading research. That equals a lot of opportunities for a great career.

  • Katarina Marmolin, Head of Advisory Östergötland, Cybercom Group

    "Moving to East Sweden has given me better quality in life and a greater balance between work and family time"

    Read her story

Get in touch
 with a co-parent!

Ask all your questions and get first hand information. Just drop us your mail and a fellow parent in tech will 
get in touch.


Life is messy. And juggling a career with a happy home life can be tough. We know that every life is different and that every part of it deserves attention. This is why we put a lot of effort into creating flexible workplaces. Not just to be nice, but also because people who are happy tend to perform a lot better at work.

Welcome to East Sweden, a high-tech region and a breeding ground for innovation. A place where work and life work together.

A coast facing the Baltic Sea, one of Sweden’s busiest railways and a two-lane highway speeding through the country. Two airports with daily departures from Linköping to Amsterdam. East Sweden keeps you close to all of Sweden and the rest of the world – a perfect steppingstone for your career, as well as the rest of your life.